Endure to Do More

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Endure to Do More

While spring cleaning my computer, I ran across a quote—“ If you want something that you have never had then you need to do something that you have never done!” It was the tag line for a women’s seminar on self motivation, and came in my company mail. Of course I wanted to go, but since it didn’t impact my job I wasn’t eligible to expense the almost $400 fee.

But I put that quote up as my scrolling marquee and when I got wind of the NJ Romance Writers Put Your Book in A Heart Conference, I jumped with both feet. All the way to New Jersey I practiced my pitch, and repeated the quote whenever I felt scared or overwhelmed. It worked like magic, and I breezed through my pitches and even stayed calm while visiting NYC!

Seeing the quote again, I reflected on how my life has changed since those few words appeared on my desk. I’ve done many new things, worked on many projects, and today launched my first fundraiser with my twin sister.

Endurance Relay Raffle is as it sounds to raise funds for Relay for Life. My sister and I walked almost the full length of the event last year, and though we were bone tired, blistered and could hardly take enough steps to make it to the car, we were overcome with what we’d done. The experience was totaling fulfilling, even magical with the stillness over night, the survivor walk and luminary laps.

This year we decided to put our best feet forward literally and use what we learned last year. That we can walk…a lot! We’ll be teaming up with 8 other people from ONE MORE DAY to walk all night from 6 pm to 6 am. To raise money for Relay for Life, we’re offering one- third of the pot as the prize and Relay for Life gets the other two-thirds! The winner of the raffle is the person whose guess is closest to the number of combined steps without going over.

Trying to get the word out, and because I’m so passionate about making the raffle a success, I turned to something else I do best…writing. I poured my emotions out on to paper with a little bit of my trademark sass and sent in an essay to a local magazine. Remember how I said I wanted to get back to writing? Well this was my third original piece since I jumped back in…and it got accepted! The editor said she’d do everything she could to get it in the May edition to hit shelves just before the Relay for Life event.

Needless to say I was proud of myself for forging ahead, eventhough I’m getting my bearings as part of a new team. And I remembered that quote when another chance to fundraise appeared. I didn’t sit idly by; I sealed the deal for a second group fundraiser. All in all, not bad for a week’s worth of work…since I’m fighting my habit to be shy/introverted/wary of strangers.

How about you? Did something you were passionate about drive you to try something new?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Endurance Relay Raffle or want to get tickets e-mail endurancerelay@yahoo.com. If you want to check out our individual Relay for Life pages go to http://main.acsevents.org/goto/kim.price and http://main.acsevents.org/goto/kristy.mabe.

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