13 Things I Learned About Writing

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13 Things I Learned About Writing

Ooohhh - thought provoking and headache inducing ROTFLMAO!!!

here goes...

1. Writing that million dollar best seller doesn't happen overnight. Five years later, I'm still trying.

2. Many writers, whether they write for the small or big publishers, still have to work for a living as well. Yes, writing is work as well as pleasure, but writing for a living is something we all strive for. Some get there, some don't, but the journey is still awesome.

3. Even writers, no matter how dedicated, need a break. I learned to be kind to myself and have a day off now and again where I could just read and veg out.

4. Cats like to help you type. They also like to lie across the laptop because it's warm.

5. Music inspires me. So does the shower when I'm stuck on a scene, or a drive in the car with the music on. Don't ask me why, but it works for me.

6. Writing is solitary - for me, anyway. I write alone with my music and cats. Having people around when I'm writing distracts me and makes me self conscious. I have my little room and squirrel myself away in there.

7. I've learned not to brush off compliments. I write to give pleasure, and if people find pleasure in my writing and give me a compliment, I accept it. If they can give it, I can accept it. (and deep down, it makes me feel so good)

8. My fantasy worlds help balance the reality of life. I live my fantasy worlds when I'm writing, and hey! I enjoy it! Then when I finish I face reality. Nothing wrong in loving my fantasy.

9. I've made great friends on the internet, both readers and other authors. The internet has opened up a whole new world, and if it wasn't for my writing and love of reading, I'd never have found those wonderful people and new worlds.

10. True friends understand when I disappear from view while writing and working. We catch up when we can and have fun. A little fun is important in life. Equally important is don't forget your friends and family - they're a part of your life.

11. Writing can flow, or it can stick. Keep pushing onwards. Have a break if need be, but always come back.

12. Everyone has their opinions on stories, good and bad. Take the good with gratitude, and the bad ... well, take it, like it, lump it, or leave it, but don't dwell on it. Life is too short, and everyone is entitled to say what they think, as long as it's not mean or hurtful.

13. Obvious plot flaws in movies and films become glaringly obvious *sheepish grin*. That's what plotting your own books does for you!

14. okay, I know there's no 14 in this list, but hey, I'm too far away for anyone to smack me! So here goes - PERSEVERE, SMILE, SOLDIER ON AND KEEP WRITING AND READING!


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3 Responses to "13 Things I Learned About Writing"

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Excellent points, Angela!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Enjoyed your list, Angela! But...

Cats don't help you type. They lay on your fingers to stop you from typing because you should be properly employed by scratching their belly, ears, head, etc :D

Anything else is a waste of time according to Wookie, LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

Angela, you and I have #8 in common! Great list.